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May 24, 2015

ABSOLUTELY NOT . They are slaughtering innocent people with bombs . If Hamas is the problem then address the problem head on , not indiscriminate slaughter of innocent people .

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May 24, 2015

Now do you deal with Hamas directly when they hide underground and use the general population as a shield. Hamas does not care about the general population except to stay in power. They are bullies and need to be removed. Even Egypt and several other Arab countries are fed up with Hamas. I hate to see any fighting and the Gazans killed but when there is no world police force that can make a violent group stop it leads to war and many innocent people get killed. While Fatah was not great people in Gaza had a lot more freedom and more open borders. Hamas has brought this on themselves and the people of Gaza.

I would bet if Gaza could change to a leadership that did not attack Israel and say we will destroy you all the time that Gaza would have full peace in two years. If Palestinians had quit trying to fight with Israel after 1967 they could have had a full fledged country for years with 1967 borders.

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