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May 22, 2015

First, the United States is broke and should be more concerned about getting it's own house in order than spending money elsewhere.

Second, with Africom up and running, I suspect half the reason for this is to build a better infrastructure so we have something to bomb there. And I'm quite sure it will be a nice, fat government contract for some politically connected rich guy, who will stick the Africans with second rate wires and make off with a fortune.

Third, isn't about time we leave Africa ALONE? How many more Westerners are going to go striding in there with "solutions", only to make it worse? We wrecked their economies, armed them to the teeth and set off ethnic, religious and tribal tensions for decades. Enough! Let Africa settle it's own scores and when it finally gets a few stable governments that ask for aid, then maybe.

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May 22, 2015

Right on, you hit every nail on the head. Great post.

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