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May 6, 2015

This poll is more or less pointless because the concept of "greed" is so subjective.

Does greed mean wanting things above and beyond what it requires to sustain yourself? Because by that definition, every organism on the planet is greedy - and thus a poll such as this only serves to perpetuate class warfare.

Does greed mean wanting to keep the things you've earned? People do not take their millions with them after they die. Either the money is given to the state or to people you deem worthy of the fruits of your labor so 99.99% of the time no one keeps what they've earned.

Does greed mean doing immoral things to obtain profit? By that definition, some rich people are greedy, and some aren't. Some people got rich because of a great idea or because they worked hard to build up skills which made them money (Mark Zuckerberg for example). Some people got rich because they manufactured weapons which were sold to the US government in order to kill people overseas. Some people got rich because they gambled with big banks' capital knowing all the while that the taxpayers would bail them out and they'd make a fortune for taking obscene risks with their money.

So I will not answer this poll - it is such a loaded question that it's not really worth answering in a simple Yes or No fashion.

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