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May 3, 2015

3. If you save lives by healing people and relationships, then this creates a healthy balance so it would not cause overpopulation but more sustainable relations and structure within the given populations to stabilize it.

2. Yes and no, Foreign Aid wasted by handouts to corrupt leadership/govt is pouring money away. But Foreign Aid invested in Microlending, Business Training and Development, and Sustainable Campuses for education, training and health/social services would be more cost-effective. Ex: Architecture for Humanity, Pace Universal,
Grameen Foundation and other programs that invest in longterm development

1. See #2 If resources are invested and organized effectively, all countries can develop populations under all the different stages of economic and political growth, similar to a tiered academic system of classes, for the purpose of moving upward. Nobody has to stay in poverty; we need to set up a network where people of different classes and stages can access education and assistance to work their way up.

Example: campusplan.org rightsfortheworkers.org

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