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May 3, 2015

This is a new place to voice your opinion. Apparently most here are the ones with time on their hands and are the "gimme" people who only want free stuff,as long as someone else is either stupid enough or government-coerced to pay for it for them.

The tide will turn as more people with adult brains arrive here to drown out the malcontents.

Like Cathy McMasters Rogers [sp] 's website, there is clearly the agenda of some George Soros backed systematic plan to bombard her site with the same sing-song happy-sappy little stories from Obama lovers, as if posting on any forum works by might makes right. Hopefully this one will have some strong opinions based on observed facts and not "clever" remarks by those whose only purpose is to tear things down.

No health-care system is perfect, but a government-run one is perfectly awful.

When this becomes more popular, we will hear from those in horror stories such as ill-affordable copayments and deductibles that make them feel like they are paying for nothing [which is in fact the case]. [This is a redistribution of wealth scam: Most people will never have enough self-paid claims to ever collect a dime. In the mean time all their premiums go into the system to pay for those who contribute nothing. Fools think they have "coverage" until they find that they can never get over the top to collect the first penny past the deductible, yet write glowing forum tonfoolery about how they can sleep at night now knowing they have "coverage". That gets pretty old a few months down the road when they are still paying 100% of every doctor bill that comes up and the deductible won't be satisfied before it's the next year and have to start all over again not actually having any meaningful coverage; sure, some people have catastrophic problems. But that's the tiny minority; for all the rest of us, we get nothing and pay for it somewhat less than what we had when the deductible was affordable. Call it the unaffordable care act and be honst for a change.]

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