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Apr 27, 2015

No it should not be legal.
If we legalise gay marriage this opens the door to other types of official unions within the United States. Soon people will be marrying their dogs and we will have opened the door to beastality, sex between man and animal. Then there will be half-man half-dog people walking our streets at night preying on innocent white children and robbing the pet stores for treats. I predict that following that there will be a mass uprising by the dog-man mutants where they will overthrow the human race and take over our planet with the help of Hillary Clinton and other Neo-Nazi sympathisers. DO YOU WANT THIS AMERICA?!?!? DO YOU?

Additionally gay marriage is not natural, real Americans always reject unnatural things such as polyester and air conditioning. Now I am a proud American father of 8 and my wife and I have definitely experienced a drop in our level of marriage felt since the homo-sexualisers started getting married. Gay marriage is already damaging the sanctity of our wonderful Christian nation and I find it disgusting how it is allowed to occur.
Furthermore my second eldest son, Christopher, was diagnosed to our horror with the homo-sexualisers virus last year. We managed to get him help from our local church and community and now he is 100% straight again, praise The Lord.

For all the atheists out there who believe in gay marriage let me ask you this:

If god truly loves homosexualisers then why does he hate them in the bibles?

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May 9, 2016

This is truly the most mindless and baseless opinion I have ever had the displeasure of reading. Problems: If people marry their dog, what impact does it have on you The percentage of the American population that would marry their dogs is likely below 1% People are already having sex with animals Cross species breeding is impossible Hilary Clinton is already running for the presidency and does not seem to have a bad platform Neo-Nazi's have never been prominent or a majority in the U.S.A. I-Phones are more unnatural then homo-sexuality Homo-sexuality could not have had an impact on your marriage unless one of you two are cheating on each other Homo-sexuality is not a virus you imbecile There is no evidence that a "god" exists in fact there is significant evidence that "god" does not exist godisimaginary.com/ Religion is not factual. The Bible is a story-book

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