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Apr 27, 2015

Same sex marriage is a basic right. It seems almost silly to say that discrimination is stupid, expensive and wrong. Having said this, I would like you to consider the impact of narrowing down all LGTB rights to just this one, missing the opportunity to understand which institutions challenge power dynamics that constitute our reality nowadays. Marriage is a contract between two individuals, it is an institution with a long history of power imbalance for women that creates a masculinity based on bread-winning. Also, marriage is about taking care of property, inheritance and privilege. Easily we can come up with examples in which people use marriage in a different way, such as helping immigrants to get visas, taking care of intimate friends with poor health, etc. Subverting the privilege narrative imbedded in the marriage contract. Simple debates (pro/con) over marriage leads to poor judgement, so i envite you to have an intersectional, feminist and queer analysis of marriage

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