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Apr 26, 2015

Let's see....a hoax that required every astronaut, every one who worked at NASA, the President, Congress, and every reporter who reported on the story to be involved in a huge conspiracy to perpetrate said hoax, and none of them, not one, broke that silence. Also, the special effects that are employed in movies and t.v. nowadays were not available back then. Have your seen Star Trek the Original Series? That was the status quo for t.v. special effects at the time. Even 2001: A Space Odyssey , a sci-fi movie that was in theaters around that time, didn't depict low-gravity moon walks.

People try to re-write history all the time, denying the Holocaust took place, saying that slaves in the U.S. didn't really have it that bad, etc. Ask yourself: were the people who deny such events there to see them [not] happen? Do they stand to gain something by denying those events, like selling a book, getting themselves on t.v./radio talk shows and the like?

Yes, man walked on the Moon.

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