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Apr 25, 2015

The USA has the best economy, the strongest military, and the highest quality health care in the world. It has the most social mobility for hard working, responsible, sane people.

Although it doesn't do a very good job of dealing with people who are lazy, irresponsible, or crazy. It has high rates of teenage pregnancy, teenage sex, out of wedlock births, and divorce. Its health care is too expensive, due to overregulation. It has too many frivolous lawsuits, for lack of tort reform. It has big problems with teenage alcohol abuse because its drinking age is the highest in the world. And its education system is garbage.

The USA's gun laws are too restrictive. In that sense, Switzerland's policies have proven to be better.

The USA's drug war is incredibly damaging. In that sense, Portugal's policies have proven to be better.

The USA overuses antibiotics. Norway's policies have proven to be better in preventing antibiotic-resistant bacterial infections, and even in preventing bacterial infections that are not antibiotic-resistant.

The USA has laws that try to protect endangered animals, and they actually end up hurting them. In that sense, Zimbabwe's policy on elephants have proven to be better.

Overall verdict? It's the greatest country in the world. USA! USA! USA!

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