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Apr 25, 2015

The U.S. certainly was the greatest country in the world when it was lead by the people for the people but it has steadily declined as it has become for the corporations by the corporations. Citizens are afraid of the police, the government spy us all, and the current policy seems to be a race to get to the perfect Orwellian state.

The most troublesome thing I have about the NSA is that it has enabled someone super control of the world. Everything we do be it on the phone, internet, or another communication means is being processed by some guy. Of course they are also saving records of individuals that come to prominence and try to find dirt which gives someone out there plenty of dirt to manipulate/convince someone to act a certain way. This to me is very unsettling, just imagine someone running to be president of a heavily catholic country and someone from the CIA gives him a packet full of his picture and conversation with a gay lover and have him wrapped around his hands. I just do not like this power grabbing play and what it means for the world of politics.

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Apr 25, 2015

Why do you think the voters would elect candidates who run the country for the benefit of the corporations?

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