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Apr 23, 2015

this question is poorly phrased and highly ambiguous, what is meant by love? are we talking about Agape? Philos? Eros? Storge? i personally like the Hebrew word Ahava (אַהֲוָא), it's just a difficult to know which one is meant, i mean I'm a Christian so yes i "love" everybody, but i could never marry someone whom i find unappealing (i know, i know, BOOOOO! but, it just wouldn't be fair to her, my eyes would go astray and she would be hurt by my infidelity), but, i would love her as G-d loves me and i could show her philia if she is friendly, but i could never show her Eros i must find her attractive to have an Erotic love, for all the other love i could give her, but not Eros, and that is important in a marriage.

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