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Apr 22, 2015

No, having a limit on their terms in office is not going to cure any problems.
There surely is a problem with too many decisions going beyond the intent of the lawmakers, too many examples of legislating from the bench, but surely imposing on the Justices a limit to how long they can do their jobs has absolutely nothing to do with improving how they do their jobs. Limiting their terms only tells them "Regardless of whether you are doing your job right or wrong, do your job for just X amount of years and then you have to retire," does not solve any tendency to legislate from the bench.

Judicial activism is a disease, but term limits is not the right medication.

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Apr 22, 2015

Having people who don't have email or use the internet making judgements on laws impacting that environment is stupid and bad.

Tech is only accelerating and these people are stuck in 1980.

After 17 years, they should be gone. Period.

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