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Apr 20, 2015

The Bible is clear on the matter, God Created all things from nothing, that is what it says, and I'm no religions nut and i take great offense at being considered in league with crazy cultists because i do take the Bible literally and truly believe in God, nobody has disproven the existence of God, they just can't prove his existence and absence of proof IS NOT proof of absence, I'm not some branch davidian, suicide cult lunatic, i just have a firm belief in the Judeo-Christian Faith and i expect people to accept and respect that, and not to belittle me and/or my people and/or my Faith which is not a part of who i am, it's ALL of who i am, and to deny one part of the Bible is to deny the whole Bible! that is my belief, now I've said my peace, may He bless you with peace and prosperity and may His Holy Name be Praised Amen!

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