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Apr 18, 2015

Yes we need to take a look at this. All the studies are in and we know what to do. Government needs to educate the world and our people the results. We must face harsh realities and do our part. It should not cost very much just to speak
the truth. Government has a way of making issues cost and we have paid now it is time to hear the results

1)We are making to much pollution in this world and the protective layer s in our atmosphere are failing. Burning Fossil fuels are to blame - coal - Oils

2) environmentalist have been an enemy and untruthful about the dangers of alternative sources of energy

3) We have stopped using some of the hydro power and removed production from the grid.

4) Car manufacture has been over slow to respond to electric options.

5) The wind and solar options are just not viable for anything more than supplement to other sources

6) The environmental resources are out currency so cost is relative

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