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Apr 18, 2015

I used to be a supporter of the death penalty. On an emotional level I often feel that some criminals should die....especially those who hurt children, or torture and kill mercilessly.
However, after taking a sociology class we learned that countries with a death penalty have higher murder rates than those without. It seems to be because the actions of the government are often internalized by the population as a normative ethical code. Therefore, if the government thinks killing people is a 'solution' then the general population will also think killing is a solution.
Once I thought about that, I realized that I actually do not support the death penalty.

Besides the circularity of the logic is well known: We kill people, who kill people, to prove that killing people is wrong.

Finally, there is a statistical probability that we accidentally kill innocent people, since our justice system isn't perfect. In my opinion, even killing one innocent person accidentally, is enough to make the whole practice immoral.

So, as much as I do think some people deserve to die, I don't think it is good to place the power of capital punishment in the hands of a government....particularly since no government is ever infallible.

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May 21, 2016

I support the death penalty, but if life without the possibility of parole (LWOPP) meant just that, that is you go to jail until you die, (no parole, no pardon, no nothing, unless PROVEN innocent) I would support getting rid of the death penalty. As we've seen in some cases people who have gotten LWOPP, have gotten out to kill again. In some states LWOPP means will look at you again in 20 years and see if you should be let out. In some states the parole board will change a sentence from LWOPP to LWPP, and parole them. There are people who should NEVER be allowed back into society.

Your claim that "countries with a death penalty have higher murder rates than those without" isn't true, when you look at the top ten countries for homicides have no death death penalty, but the country with the most homicides has NO death penalty. Honduras homicide rate of 90.4 per 100,000 (2014) so the claim isn't true.

No we don't kill people to show that killing people is wrong to kill them to stop them from ever killing again, after a trail and almost endless appeals. Basically we are saying this person to too dangerous to EVER be let out and the ONLY way we have currently to stop said person from ever getting back into society is to end their life. Like I said if LWOPP meant just that, then I could support getting rid the the death penalty, but until that happen, I will support the death penalty.

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