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Apr 17, 2015

The theory of evolution and the bible are parallel to one another. The bible as many books is open for interpretation and as the Catholic church said, there is nothing in the bible saying evolution isn't a process of god. (The Catholic church believes in evolution)

The problem is the creationist who believe the bible as literal and think the fossil record was left by Satan to confuse humans. Evolution can work with religion but it's a science not a religion. It draws its conclusion from the observable world and it is the best indicator to account to how life develops in the universe.

The theory of evolution was never meant to disprove religion in fact just like most sciences it was started to prove how rational and how mechanical the universe is but unfortunately for Darwin it just showed how chaotic and unpredictable the universe really is.

A lot of religious people don't realize that every science started 300-400 years ago were for the most parts human trying to figure and prove the existence of God by showing just how orderly our universe is but what they often found is that the universe is a chaotic and random place.

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