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Apr 17, 2015

That depends on how you look at it.. I (not so) recently saw a documentary on how big the universe is, how it started and how it will end, and basically, there has been a completely different universe before "our" current one. It's not like there was nothing, then *poof* everything was "there". That's not how it went. Instead, there was a universe with differnt materials, different physics, different everything. Then, a so-called "phase transition" will occur. This happens when "A collapse of the universe will happen if a bubble forms in the universe where the Higgs particle-associated Higgs-field will reach a different value than the rest of the universe." - Phys.org. This means that another phase transition is possible at any point. It may even happen 30 seconds from now. Everything will dissapear, and a new universe will be created. So you could say it's meant to be, you could say it never should've happened, you could say it was just a coincidence.

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