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Apr 15, 2015

Did you go buy condoms and lube (and nothing else but those) for yourself? If no, then you are too young.

Additionally there's the power dynamic. We are calling it out by the age level -- a 24 person with a 14 year old is full of possibility for abuse. But we should also be concerned about a tutor/mentor/coach and student -- any time there is a position of authority, whether that person with authority is older, the same age, or younger.

I would rather allow parents to help decide, but in the US they need to be dragged into the reality that their innocent child is a sexual being and is going to have sex. Until the parent is realistic about this fact, they aren't really ready to be parents, but we don't worry about that. In fact, even a 12 year old that is too young to decide about having an abortion is clearly ready to be a parent, by US logic.

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