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Apr 12, 2015

Nearly. My GF is, so I've started learning to love veggies. I mostly don't buy meat anymore, but I'll eat it in social contexts to avoid causing offense/being a pain.

I might switch to full vegetarianism in the future. Right now I've settled to only buying organic meat products - I don't have a moral problem eating meat per se, but I find the living conditions of cattle absolutely revolting. Fortunately, where I live, there are a number of food labels that are only given to meat producers who treat animals right. It's more expensive, obviously, so I buy less of it. Only makes me appreciate it more, and it tastes so freaking good.

The health aspect doesn't come into this much right now - I'm slim with no health issues so far except for teeth. I could see it being important in the future, though, especially since my family has a history of heart disease.

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