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Apr 10, 2015

Many individuals in the USA do not understand the Prime Reason for our Constitution. Even Supreme Court Justices have said there is no way to know what the "original intent" was. Should they be the judge of Anything if they don't understand that? Our Founders just fought a war over tyranny. Their intention was to provide essential Government while preventing tyranny. Their discussions were varied. They were imperfect, but quite well educated and understood the lessons of past failed Governments. They worked together to determine the best way to avoid creating a new form of tyranny. They knew that Power Corrupts so they set out to avoid any possibility of creating excessive power in the hands of too few. Spreading Power thinly was their method of of avoiding corruption and tyranny. A wise choice indeed. So they divided Government into branches. They Limited the Federal government. They gave More power to the individual States. Then they Guaranteed Rights to Individual Citizens. Any law confiscates individual Rights and Power and shifts them to the Federal Government is likely unconstitutional by its very nature. The Right to Bear Arms is essential since it grants the Right and Responsibility to every Responsible citizen to Defend the Constitution from all enemies both foreign and Domestic. If our Founders made any mistake in their basic presentation of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, it was the Failure to indicate the obvious fact that Liberty can nor survive if citizens fail to use their Rights and Liberty in a Responsible manner. Problems and injustices are created when we reward those who act irresponsibly by not holding them Liable for any harm they create and then Punish the Responsible citizens by forcing them to pay to correct the damages caused by the irresponsible. What America suffers from the Most is a Failure of the Justice System. America can not survive if we continue to reward irresponsible behavior while unjustly penalizing the responsible citizen and then make laws, regulations, and build bureaucracies to enforce more tyrannical (Liberty Limiting) policies. An all American path to pursue would be to assure weapons stay out of the hands of those who have demonstrated an inability to act responsibly while placing no restrictions on ownership by those who have shown they use their Rights in a wise manner.

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