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Apr 8, 2015

Marijuana laws need to be reformed period.

The war on drug has been a fiasco, but also productive in few key ways that detriment modern society.

The war on drugs have created huge underground economies that spend money in weapons and destabilize Latin American and other nations throughout the world by creating militias that undermine the liberty and democracy of those areas.

It has created a huge financial siphon of cash to police departments and packed our courtrooms. This creates an over burdened judicial system that rob us all from our right to a fair trial. When someone caught with drugs is arrested for 20 years for their first offense instead of send to rehabilitation it means our fair judicial system isn't fair, but blind and intolerant.

Marijuana deserves to be studied for its medical property as well as to how it can psychologically affect the user. I am sure there are tons of benefits being over looked by making possession a felony and perpetuating the war into something so simple yet so far reaching as the marijuana plant is.

Let's not under play the reason the war on drugs began either, it was motivated by racism, narrow mindedness and a man who wanted to maintain the power he acquired during the war on alcohol which he lost after the 21st amendment.

All in all the war on drugs is a war against the people of not only the U.S. but the world. It puts money in the wrong hands and since we live in a world where the more money the better they push those drugs on our young to make lifetime customer of highly addictive drugs. Instead of punishing people with jail we should be helping them with treatment and awareness. Drugs can be bad but only if they are used in a haphazard manner just like alcohol. It is time for reform and drug education!

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