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Mar 31, 2015

Screw everyone's opinion, why because my life isn't a game for people to play politics. I figure if you do something bad to me then you gave me permission to retaliate. I see the death penalty as same thing, you kill me I want you to die, but more than that I want it to be made a public execution. I'm sick everyone taking the most viscous, permanent crime so lightly and to put them in jail gives them hope and I for one do not want them to have it. As for the innocent.. innocent of what exactly; even back in 1977 there was always a connection and I bet if you looked at the statistic these people were violent anyway. Maybe those "innocent" people should warn others how not to be accused of a crime they didn't do, hey maybe straighten your life out and stop doing stupid crap and hanging out with the wrong people. This study doesn't tell you where, is this global statistics or just the USA? Stop looking at the execution as a eye for an eye, its' should be more about keeping people from killing each other. You show them there is no reward worth taking another's life, you show them the punishment of it. It seems to me the people that don't like the death penalty may want comfort in knowing they won't be executed when they plan to kill someone... as if this may be an option some day and they're covering their butt now.

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