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Mar 31, 2015

Using their number 1,320 people put to death since 1977 that would mean about 52 of them were innocent, yet we don't have one case where it was proven that an innocent person was put to death since 1977. We have almost endless appeals, where lawyers are given every chance to bring up almost anything to stop the sentence. Even in their article they point out that 138 were exonerated and that 60 percent of prisoners sentenced to death re-sentenced to life, to me that is saying the system works. We are finding cases where there might be some remote doubt or something that according to the law didn't warrant the death penalty.

Now, you could take the death penalty off the books if Life WithOut the Possibility of Parole meant just that, you go to jail and stay there until you die. But we have cases where people given LWOPP were let out of jail only to kill again. In some states LWOPP means we'll look at your care again in 20 years and then decide if we'll let you out. If LWOPP meant just that, no pardons, no hardship, no medical release, no nothing then I would say we could get rid of the death penalty, but in general LWOPP means you'll get out at some point.

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Mar 31, 2015

While I believe there are totally innocent people on death row and I hope the Innocence Project get everyone of them out of jail. There are cases that are beyond a shadow of a doubt who killed other people that should be put to death. An example is the young man that shot two Alaska State Troopers in the back when they tried to arrest his father. The local policeman saw the young man shoot them and was almost shot himself. Fix the legal system don't throw out the death penalty.

To me life in prison would be a death sentence.

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