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Mar 29, 2015

First of all, what we understand as purpose is exclusively a human concept to which we cling on, if we truly want to understand universe as its "purpose" it must be defined. Is it purpose as if each living entity has a goal on its own? Is it purpose as in we all strive for a common progress? As we all know, the universe is infinite, and if it isn't, its pretty frigging big. In all that unfathomable infinity, the lines of what we consider "purpose" become irrelevant. The universe is undefinable in our lifetimes and it may not be properly grasped for the span of human civilization. To this I say, purpose will be the wrong question to ask if we don't understand at first the universe to which it may be misinterpreted by our limited human perspective. (i know my English grammar sucks, its not my first language)

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