Guide: Rankings


General info

OpiWiki ranking is a ranking of some of the items in a certain area. Rankings are our tool to answer questions starting with the Who/what is the best/most interesting/favorite/etc.? Rankings can be connected with each other.

There are almost no limits – every positive ranking that makes sense can be created. "Positive" means that we don't accept rankings such as the greatest disasters or the worst video games. Also, we rank persons only in their profession. First, because usually it doesn't make much sense otherwise. Second, which is the main reason, because not every person wishes to be publicly rated in a non-profession area, and we respect that. E.g. we don't provide "sexiest women" or "most beautiful actresses" rankings, but "most beautiful models" is acceptable.


Ranking types

There are 4 main types of rankings on OpiWiki;

Main ranking. Defines the area/profession an item being in the ranking is rated at. When an item is added to a main ranking, the item's rating area is automatically created. The style for main ranking is bold.

Interface ranking. An interface for main ranking or for group ranking. An item's rating in an interface ranking is based on the item's rating in the main/group ranking. The style for interface ranking is (gray-in-parentheses).

Group best ranking. Calculates an item's rating from the "lower" rankings. It takes the best rating and dismiss the others. The style for group best ranking is Capital.

Group average ranking. Calculates an item's rating from the "lower" rankings. It takes the average from all the ratings. The average is counted by summing all the votes on the ratings, not by simply summing the ratings. The style for group best ranking is Purple.



To create a new ranking, go to the Rankings section and click the "Add new ranking" button. You must first think of an item you would like to add to the ranking. If the item already exists, go to its profile, and if it doesn't, create its profile (add the item). Being on the item's profile, click the "Add to rankings" button. Then click the "create new ranking" button.

All you have to do is type the ranking's name. The rankings system is complex; it will take some time (usually a few hours) before your ranking is ready to use. When the ranking is ready, you get a notification.