Guide: Choices


General info

An OpiWiki choice is an OpiWiki topic, which has both the voting and the discussion. The difference between a standard topic and a choice, is that a choice is dedicated to have OpiWiki items as voting options.

OpiWiki choices is our tool to directly compare OpiWiki items (persons, things), for example:

  • Book A or Book B - which book is better?
Or simply to put 2 or more items in a competition, e.g:
  • Politician A or Politician B - who would you vote for in the next election?



Choices are designed to include a small number of items; a choice can have from 2 to 5 items. If you want to add more items, use OpiWiki rankings, or create a standard topic.

Every item of a choice must be present in our items database. If it's not there yet, simply add it yourself.



The subtitle is an important element of a choice, as it defines the subject matter. Let's say we compare two video games. The most obvious subtitle would be which game is better? But, it can be phrased differenty to create a different choice. For example:

  • which game is more innovative?
  • which game has better storyline?
  • which game would you rather play at the moment?, etc.

The subtitle must begin with a lower-case letter and it must be a question ending with the question mark.



Optionally a "draw" option can be added to a choice. The draw option gives user a choice to indicate they don't believe one item is better than the other(s).

To add the draw option to a choice, check the "add the draw option" checkbox.


Other elements

Other elements of a choice are the same as for a standard topic; they are described at Guide: Topic.