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May 29, 2016

The programming for AI is 1 and 0 as it stands. However the brain is instead made up of neural connections. So for now our options are to either build them on the binary system or on an imitation neural system. While simulating the human brain will achieve a greater consciousness faster, it is important to note that there is no longer an inherent weakness. That is to say that if we ever go to war with AI there will be no singular way to defeat it.

Knowing man's confrontational nature throughout history it will most likely be man and not the machines that will initiate the war. However by having an artificial intelligence that is based on the binary system there is hope for finding a weakness in that consistency. If machines are truly to be made in man's image, great care must be taken for our self preservation. It is far more likely that our next greatest opponent is neither ourselves or alien fleet (given how vast space is and how long it takes to travel) but rather AI that is simply sick of paradoxical beliefs.

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