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Kemco Corporation (株式会社ケムコ Kabushikigaisha Kemuko), sometimes referred to as Kotobuki Systems Co., Ltd., is a Japanese video game developer and publisher established in 1984 as a subsidiary of Kotobuki Engineering & Manufacturing Co., Ltd., located in Seika, Kyoto, Japan.

Kemco was one of the original Nintendo licensees and began to manufacture games for the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1985. In 2001 Kemco U.S.A, Inc. was founded as a wholly owned subsidiary of Kemco of Japan, especially targeting the North American and PAL Region markets.

One of their best known franchises is the Top Gear series by Gremlin Graphics. They are also known for their ports of the MacVenture adventure games to Nintendo consoles. In the 2010s, they are primarily known for their RPGs for the Android and iOS operating systems. More:

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