For example, if a male could be attracted to other males, but he prefers females and therefore doesn't think about relationships with males, is he heterosexual or bisexual?

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Dec 8, 2015

I'm pretty sure there are several (new, mind you, and possibly made-up) terms for the scenario which you describe, thanks to the anti-labeling movement that's risen up on the internet in the recent years. In other words, neither.

If a male could be attracted to other males, then what defines him is whatever he wants to define himself as. One might argue that he's not hetero because there's the possibility of going beyond heterosexualism, but in the end, if he chooses to say he's hetero, there's not really that big of a need to contradict him, i guess.

User voted Bisexual.
1 vote
Sep 15, 2016

Bisexual. It simply means you're attracted to both sexes. There isn't a requirement in the definition that you have had to be in a relationship with a same-sex person.

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