In many countries tobacco companies are required to include death or cancer warning messages on their cigarette, cigar and other products. Example messages:

"Smoking can kill",
"Smoking seriously harms you and others around you",
"Smokers die younger",
"Smoking causes lung cancer",
"Smoking seriously harms health",
"Smoking kills",
"Smoking causes heart attack".

And other. Should the companies be required to include such messages?

Yes; big front messages Yes; small messages No see voting resultssaving...
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User voted Yes; big front messages.
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Mar 6, 2016

These should be the messages showing the consequences of smoking. Currently this messages are being shown in Uruguay, a country of South America.

Image says "By smoking, you stink, smoking provokes stains in teeth and awful smell. Cigarettes reduce gradually the senses of taste and smell"

Messages in Uruguayan cigarrates

1 vote
Mar 25, 2016

Why, is that anyone who doesn't know smoking is bad for you? Beside we already have warning, PSA's, bans on smoking, etc. If you really think smoking is that bad, have the government ban tobacco, oh wait the GOVERNMENT gets a ton of cash from smokers, and since they tend to die sooner they government doesn't have to spend as much on SSI, so you know that's not going to happen.

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