Who are your favorite party members in Baldur's Gate (the original Baldur's Gate)?
See also Who are your favorite NPCs in Baldur's Gate II?

Ajantis Alora Coran Dynaheir Imoen Khalid Kivan Minsc Yeslick Branwen Faldorn Garrick Jaheira Quayle Safana Skie Xan Edwin Eldoth Kagain Montaron Shar-Teel Tiax Viconia Xzar see voting resultssaving...
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User voted Minsc, Edwin, Viconia.
1 vote
Oct 14, 2015

My three favorites are Minsc, Edwin and Viconia.

Minsc, everybody loves him. He is, to me, the iconic Baldur's Gate character. He is insane, but in a good way.

Edwin. Not only is he a very powerful spell caster, but his personality makes him funny whenever he interacts with other characters. There are so many great dialogues involving Edwin.

Viconia is a very tragic character. I guess I mostly like her because of her backstory.

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Aug 4, 2015

But let's be real here, Rasaad is my most favorite. EE, yo.

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